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# Marzec 23, 2013, 14:13:16

Cytuję newsletter; pogrubienia moje.

GCC 4.8 features a new Local Register Allocator which replaces the 26
years old reload pass and improves generated code quality on ia32 and
x86-64 targets.  The C++ frontend and standard library have been
enhanced with various improvements for C++11 support not limited to C++11
attribute syntax, thread_local or inheriting constructors support

AddressSanitizer and ThreadSanitizer instrumentation have been
added to detect heap, stack and global buffer overflows, uses after free
and data races.

Many scalability bottle-necks have been removed from GCC optimization
passes, thus it is now possible to compile extremely large functions with
smaller memory consumption in less time.

Extending the widest support for hardware architectures in the industry,
GCC 4.8 has gained support for the upcoming 64-bit ARM instruction set
architecture, AArch64.  GCC 4.8 also features support for Hardware
Transactional Memory on the upcoming Intel Haswell CPU architecture.
The S/390 target now supports the zEC12 architecture.  The ARM 32-bit
target has gained support for AArch32 ARM v8 ISA additions.


for more information about changes in GCC 4.8.

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# Marzec 23, 2013, 14:52:57
Warto jeszcze dodać, że wreszcie wprowadzili Clang-style komunikaty błędów.