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# Grudzień 09, 2009, 11:27:58
Hello all,
I'm looking for a long-time teamwork person for translating my software messages (from English) to Polish.
Usually once a some weeks or months, when I collect more messages from all my projects, I send all words together to translation, or you can translate them online on my website, if you prefer it instead of e-mail exchange.

Because all my projects I have written are free, I can't pay for translation, but I offer translation of Your products (from English) to Czech language in return (or you can enter required to-be-translated-items to my website and other users will translate them to their native languages). If I will sometime in future create any commercial product, I offer free license to it for all translators and other co-workers :-)

My projects are mostly various utilities, convertors, HW controlling software, CD autostart software, small games and 8bit computers emulators, but because my translation database is free, everybody can use any translation in own product.

If You want to help me with localization, contact me at my e-mail locsk2007[at]seznam[dot]cz, please, or visit my website through link on my profile.
Thank You :-)

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